Cedric & Omar

Aug 21
Aug 20

tealpalms said: Where did you here this?! Unlike some I've seen on the coma, I really enjoy his recent albums like solo extraño, equinox, & unicorn so this makes my day :)

Matt Bitman put up a list of stuff he was mixing and 2 Omar albums and live Antemasque was on it. That doesn’t quite mean we’ll see these recordings though but it’s a good hint of things to come.

Aug 20
Aug 20

Eh, make that possible Omar albums and live Antemasque.

Aug 20

Omar albums??? Live Antemasque??

Aug 20


Hopefully more soon. Looks like

Oct 13 Concorde 2, Brighton UK

Oct 14 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds UK 

Oct 15 Electric Ballroom London UK 
May possibly be included (according to Coma/TMV Italia), but there’s no actual link yet (or there *used* to be)

Aug 20
Aug 18



Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Rapid Fire Tollbooth - Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo


Aug 18
Aug 17